Wednesday, November 03, 2004

What now?

At 2am, the press was too scared to give Ohio to Bush, but we all knew it was over. I don’t understand what happened. I don’t understand most of the people I share a country with. I’m not talking about not understanding why they like the music they like, why they watch so much TV, or the faith in whichever God they’ve chosen. I’m talking about a very basic understanding. A core understanding of what is good, and what is bad.

I made a choice of who to vote for before knowing any issues. Before knowing any party agendas or campaign promises. I felt there was a clear delineation between two candidates, and that line fell between right, and wrong. Well the people have spoken, and they tell me I’m wrong. The people I share a country with say my core beliefs of right and wrong ARE wrong. Right now, while my friends and family are still in shock, all I want to do is find those people. Find the ones who say I’m wrong, and give them a chance to show me how I may have strayed. I’m talking about people who looked at a man who got less votes than the opponent he defeated in the 2000 election, and decided that he did such a great job in the last four years that he deserved to keep up the good work. There are millions of people out there who didn’t vote for the president four years ago, but somehow were convinced to vote for him this time. Millions! They’re out there somewhere, and I have to find them.

All I keep saying to myself, saying out loud to the walls, is “what more could I have done?” It seemed like so many citizens were moved to work harder than ever on an election felt to be crucial to our future, and the future of people all over the world, and that damn map looks exactly the same as it did four years ago. I want to find those people. That’s really the most I can think of doing. I must get to know my enemy. I only have four years to do it.


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