Friday, March 31, 2006

Voting with your dollar, and neighbors.

If you order a product to be mailed to you, and it doesn't get to you after a few weeks, and then you ask about it a few times and learn that the company you ordered from is waiting for a shipment from their supplier, I think they should tell you up front. And once they do ship, a month after you placed the order, they should upgrade your shipping so it doesn't take another week just to get across the country.

I looked out my window yesterday afternoon, and noticed a few cops milling about in front of the barber shop. I then caught a glimpse of a police van making some kind of illegal turn, and decided to take a closer look. Turning my focus a few doors to the right, I spotted a black-clad officer guarding the door of a shop that was being renovated. He was standing in a very formal manor, and holding a large automatic weapon. After taking a few pictures, about a dozen cops started to emerge from the cellar door of the shop, They just kept coming out of the small opening in the sidewalk like clowns out of a tiny car. They were in riot gear; some with shields, some with small jackhammers, all with helmets. A few handcuffed people got escorted to a van. Neighbors watched from a distance. Police closed up shop a little after six.


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