Saturday, September 03, 2011


People die all the time. Somebody died on my corner last night. I think he actually made it to the hospital, but really he died right there when he went through a red light on his bike and got hit by an SUV and that was it. People die all the time in this city. Chances are in this city of millions there is someone dying right now and it's not gonna matter to you. The world will not stop and right now people are driving over the spot where he landed. The world will keep on going even though someone just died and you need to get used to it. You need to get used to it because someone you love will die and you are going to wonder why the world keeps on going when everything in your world does not. It's because people die all the time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've wondered that before. And now I wonder how I can go on when people die around me. But I do it anyway. Else, what is the point of living? How can you live if you don't go on? Yet it hurts so badly.

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