Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Still at work...

This is that time of year when I start thinking about friends from the past. The ones I no longer see for one reason or another. This year's a little different because I'm confronted with the option of getting in touch with a few of those from a past life. I not talking about the one that's here at my job putting on a show. She could have been in that category, but here she is, and that's a good thing. But if you could get in touch with any of those people you lost over the years, would you do it? There must have been a reason your paths diverged. Maybe you can't remember the reason. Maybe you'll remember too late; when you've already reunited. Maybe you made a mistake. Maybe after all these years, you realize you pushed that person away for all the wrong reasons, or no reason at all that you can recall.

So how much have you changed over that last five, ten, fifteen years? After that much time, you could be starting from scratch. Would you sit down and tell each other the tale of the last decade, or would you just try to pick up where you left off? Let's see. Last time I saw you nine years ago, one of us said, "yeah, I'll give you a call." Okay, let's pick up from there. Or, "I'll write you when I get settled. Or I'll call when I get a new phone number." Or was the last time I saw you when you came into the room, and my exgirlfriend gave you a look that would scare away a lion, and maybe I said, "I'll call you." Or maybe just, "sorry." Well, I guess I didn't say WHEN I'd call you, so hey. Or maybe you were too upset to say anything when your parents decided to move 1000 miles away. Then you did track me down, but let's face it, you changed. Or maybe you were always like that, and I developed the ability to see you more clearly.

Looks like the show's over. Becca, you missed a hell of a chocolate cake. And it's good to see you, Sara. Hope all my grammar's okay.


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