Sunday, April 03, 2005

All pope radio.

It’s 43 degrees outside, looks like it’s about to rain, and there’s an ice cream truck blaring away outside.
Many years ago, the pope came to my home town. My aunt lived on the pope route, so family and friends gathered there for the usual light food/drink/cake/cookies and view out the windows, just like we did to watch the New Year’s Parade each year. This was a largely Italian neighborhood, so it wasn’t hard to get a good crowd. The thing that struck this eight year old as odd was the the tremendous numbers of Polish flags. Very confusing to me. “Polacks” were the people you made fun of. Now, we were waving their flag in one hand, and the Italian flag in the other.
A helicopter hovered over the carwash that was across the street. I figured it was because there were a couple of spectators on the roof. I think they radioed to the pope limo (this was pre popemobile) and the pope got down from his sunroof, and waved out the window. Luckily, he sat on our side of the car. Waived right at me.
Yesterday, my president called him a champion of freedom, or something like that. Unless you’re a woman who wants freedom to choose weather or not to have a baby. Or if you’re anyone who might want to use any kind of birth control. Or if you’re a woman who, for some reason, wants to be a priest. He probably wouldn’t like it if you were gay either. At least he was against the war. A lot of good that did.
So, can someone tell me what else is going on in the world?


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