Monday, April 24, 2006

Walmart is the largest private employer in Mexico.

There has been a police chopper hovering in my neighborhood for about 20 minutes. I just fucked up a whole bunch of picture files. I stayed out very late last night. Mostly I just sat back and laughed. I have to go get some food, and go to bed early. It's still cold.
Unrelated picture to follow:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i saw that you had called me last night, and i remembered id asked you to come to the bar. by the time i saw you called back, my eyelids were already at half mast, and some guy was trying to touch my ass.

i think he told mollie he was "kinda famous"...and i think thats kinda retarded.

turns out he plays in some hardcore band. mollie thinks theyre the "monkey buscuits."

11:26 PM  

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