Saturday, April 15, 2006

Weekend part two.

Saturday afternoon found Jed and me watching my father's 30th anniversary of Born to Run DVDs while we waited for the rest of the guests to materialize. We eventually landed in the stuffy, sedate hotel bar where George and Jennifer were staying. They definitely didn't like us there right from the start, and Danielle sending back her martini didn't help. Once George set off a small explosive charge, it was clearly time to move on. Saturday night was full of frat boys on the date-rape prowl, and their would-be prey, so hotel lounges were a somewhat safer goal. We found one that didn't seem to mind us throwing the complimentary snacks into an expensive vase and each other's mouths, and clearly looking for something to steal, but Danielle apparently had a goal of sending something back at each stop. Thinking we were being responsible adults, we all said goodnight at a reasonable hour to "get to the chapel" on time the next morning. It sorta worked.


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