Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Weekend, part one.

After starting off with the gang hanging with my folks, all but me drinking giant, vodka martinis, being grown-ups with the grown-ups, we set out to find last call. Philly has certainly expanded its weekend party zone from the confines of the east end of South Street, so we didn't have far to go. We sat at a sidewalk table until a request to leave was met with some belligerence from Jen, then retired to the park. We sat by the bronze goat, and gave some kids dressed for an 80s party a hard time. While getting something out of the car (parked in the conveniently placed handicapped spot across from my folks house) we heard the sound of crashing plate glass, followed by five or six kids running down 20th street. We knew we had to leave, slowly as to not appear guilty, so we ended up in the back yard until 4am, when Jennifer and George drove back to George's family home, Jed crashed in what used to be the "studio," and I slept in my childhood bedroom. We can still make it seem like no time has passed, even when it's been ten years.


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