Saturday, October 27, 2007


I hate when Halloween is on a wednesday. It means there are two weekends full of halloween since no one can decide when to have their party. My new neighbors downstairs are having one right now. They're being really loud while walking up and down from the roof. I hope they remember this night when I'm being loud in the future.

I realized a few weeks ago that they are all yuppies. They all look younger than I. They all pay over two grand a month to live in this dump. There are often Wall Street Journal subscription deliveries in my lobby. I didn't know these people still existed. If I had a costume, I'd join them. See what it's all about.

But I have to go to sleep early so I can get up early and go to a war protest. I don't think I'll actually be in this one. I may just watch. I'll see how it goes. My biggest concern is the rain, and what cameras I want to soak.

Why are they yelling? Are they yelling "toga, toga...!?!" And they're listening to Thriller. This ironic musical tastes thing never made sense to me. There are so many good recordings to listen to, why would you listen to crap just because it's so bad it's funny? Why not just listen to something good? And no, Thriller is not a good song. I can deal with a couple songs on that record, but not that one.

I miss the DJ that lived down there. There was nothing ironic about that gang.


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