Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tonight's excursions.

If you take the train over the bridge, and just stare out the window opposite your seat, it's like you're a camera moving through a model of a city. The closer buildings move by faster than the distant ones too perfectly. If you were watching it on a movie screen, you'd yell, "fake!" or murmur it to your movie date. You'd be wrong.
I talked to people who don't like each other tonight. That happens. I don't know why. If you know enough people from the same place, maybe it's inevitable. Sometimes, like tonight, I actually get it, and I secretly side with one of them. One relationship of that nature in my life is the opposite. I easily picked from the start, but one of them totally won me over after a few years. You just don't mention the other one, and hope you never have to choose or get caught cheating. I kinda wanna date one of them. That'd be hilarious.
Walked around a lot tonight. It was cool and soothing, but then the rain stopped, and the streets dried up, and it wasn't as pretty.
I gave her a high-five to say goodbye, but her hand just sorta stayed there, so i led her to the door with me. Once there, she said she wasn't going out there again. She didn't take her hand out of mine, though. After a moment, I kissed her hand, and she kinda nodded as if that was the right, and expected thing to do. We parted at the threshold, and, once outside, Eddy popped up and said, "couldn't close the deal, eh?" Not even if I tried, Eddy.


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