Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lost pet alert.

Wrong numbers and recordings call me. I was thinking about going to The Blue Note 20 years ago, and it reminded me of how different the city was when it was new to me. I take it for granted now, and it doesn't inspire that sense of wonder in me any more, or I just don't go out looking for it. Did I have more time then? I think of such things this time of year, and, as usual, I have that "once this or that day is out of the way" kinda feeling of the holidays keeping me from doing anything about it. I didn't get to enjoy fall this year. I don't know if enjoy is the right word. There's usually a fresh, "new beginning" feeling about it for me that most people associate with spring. For better or worse, I missed that seasonal association this year. Maybe I'm working too much, and I can't feel bad about working these days. I just tried playing a cassette. It didn't work. I'm gonna try printing stuff. Maybe that will work.

Okay, that worked, and I got the cassette working. I feel better. My answering machine ran out of room today. It was mostly prerecorded messages of men speaking yiddish. Some of them were telling me who to vote for in yiddish. There was one recording telling me a neighbor lost a cat. I recorded 26 such messages onto my computer to add to the others I've collected over the years. I will some day make something out of them. Then I erased my answering machine. To start over.


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