Saturday, May 01, 2010

I'll text you if I can't make it.

After I walked Amy home, I walked to the mailbox to insert my rent check, and realized I left my phone at work. I started to walk the three blocks back, then decided I didn't need it. Do I ever really need it? I may just stop carrying it around. Buy a watch. They're smaller, and the batteries last longer.
I think cell phones make people inconsiderate. It's easy to make plans for later with someone, but also easy to text that person and cancel right before your meeting time. Commitments are broken without thought, and obligations are obsolete. Before cells, you had to actually show up. The plan was made, and you left the house, and later you had to meet that person like you promised because if you didn't, your friend would worry and think you were dead or maybe just an asshole that always blows you off. The plan was set in motion, and you had to catch up with it. I'm not sure this cell phone thing was a good idea for me. I wonder if Eileen still doesn't have one.


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