Sunday, January 02, 2005

Good riddance.

This was one of the worst new year’s eves I can remember. And that’s keeping in mind that I’ve spent eight out of the last ten working in a rock club. One of those ten was spent in Atlanta preparing for a tour, so that was kinda like working as well. The other one was spent home alone trying to write and record a piece of music called the Home Alone On New Year’s Eve Suite. I never finished that piece, and that failure set a good precedent for a year full of unfinished projects.

I’ve been dying to get through the holiday season, but now I’m realizing I really just wanted to get through with the whole year. Several low points, some very low, the type that reach back and cast past events in an even worse light than you initially thought, all set in the shadow of the presidential campaign. While there were a few bright spots in the form of new friends and acquaintances, I want to put that year behind me so bad that I’m thinking about doing my taxes right now.

So I guess here’s to the new year, but more importantly, goodbye to the last.


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