Saturday, May 28, 2005

Arbus, etc.

There’s a dumpster outside my building. Among other things, it contains the bird coop that was on my roof. End of an era.

Last night was my first night off in a week and a half, and last for nine days. Made it to the Diane Arbus show at the met. It closes sunday. The flaws in her pictures echo the flaws in her subjects. It’s not enough to say she was lucky and just had interesting subjects. She clearly worked hard to find, connect with, and capture these subjects. I didn’t try to find a reason for the taking of her own life. And if she hadn’t, would this show be there? Took pictures finding my way out of the museum. Took pictures on my way to the 4. I need to work harder. I dug out my Mamiyaflex when I got home, and thought about using it, but her using one isn’t a good enough reason for me to.
I am learning to use my free time more wisely. I can work six nights a week and still accomplish something for myself, and for others.


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