Thursday, April 28, 2005

Home tour.

Found myself with some time to kill on tuesday. That time between sound check and show. The $10 buy-out for dinner added to the feeling of being on tour. I’m rarely that far downtown, so I decided to check out the future site of the Freedom Tower. I’d never been to “Ground Zero,” and it’s been maybe ten years since I’ve been to the Trade Center. The first thing I realized is that I didn’t really know where it was. In the past, I’d just look up at the towers and walk closer. Those signposts in the sky are no longer there, but it’s a big lot, so it was easy to stumble upon. I never really stepped close to the fence to get a good look. I was more taken with the fence itself. With the walkways around it. The pedestrian bridge over the West Side Highway. The ornate entrance to the PATH train. The church that I never even noticed before because the towers were so distracting. I guess it was the ways a city and its people get on with life that interested me more than the grave in the middle.
It’s still possible for me to walk around in this city and feel like I’ve never been here before. I think that’s an important part of what’s kept me here for so long.


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