Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Welcomed distraction.

Almost 28 years ago, a man in Corpus Christi named Philip sent a postcard to a man named Herman in Guatemala. The card had some cryptic numbers and letters, along with a time and date. There was also a green Martian riding a flying saucer, and someone wearing headphones as viewed through an open door. I can’t even imagine what this card was about. Perhaps the exact time and place of a future invasion from Mars? The person wearing the headphones is radioing the Martian? Okay, I guess I can imagine. Phil wrote “TNX FER THE CARD” in the upper left hand corner, followed by an underlined signature of his shortened first name. I’m curious about the card he’s talking about.
The sender put the initials C.A. after the word Guatemala. I figure that stood for Central America. The person that read addresses for a living down at the post office 28 years ago thought the C looked like an L, and the card ended up in Louisiana. I guess it could have just as easily ended up in California.
Almost 28 years later, a beautiful and talented lady goes to New Orleans LA on vacation, somehow comes across this card, attaches a note to it that says, “I FOUND THIS - thought you’d be into it,” and mails it to me here in Brooklyn NY. Of course I wonder where this mysterious card has been all this time, but I also wonder how she knew.


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