Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Path entrance.

A coworker expressed a hope that the place we work will close down, because he hates what that place does to people. Hates how it makes him act. Makes him have to be an asshole to people. I understand completely. I won’t miss the job at all.
A friend went by a bar with her new “boyfriend”. (She hates that word.) Male regulars that know her from hanging out at the bar suddenly went from friendly to jealous-jerk mode. Guys, you need to get over this shit. Do you expect every girl you talk to in a bar to be a virgin? And more importantly, why would you want her to be? It’s the same woman you liked yesterday.
I am unhappy with the pictures I’ve been taking. My hit to miss ratio is getting worse, but I have noticed I also take a large number of pictures that could have been good if I actually paid attention to what I was doing.
I recommend the pecan pie at Acme.
I am failing in my promises to spend more time with the friends I don’t work with. Could be because I work all the time.
I think I will start acting like I don’t work there, and start treating my apartment like I have to get rid of shit because I have to move.


Blogger Butterscotch said...

When I first saw this picture I said "Yes, that's it."

I have no idea what I meant, but yet, it makes sense.

Well, to me anyway.

3:27 AM  

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