Sunday, August 28, 2005

Why don’t the titles have anything to do with the posts?

I was listening to the radio, and a friend of mine called in to give her opinion on the upcoming mayoral primary. It was a good way to wake up.

I have this shirt that has a whole list of things that cancer cannot do. Cancer cannot destroy peace. Cancer cannot suppress memories. etc... I don’t wear that shirt because all the shirt makes me think about is that cancer CAN kill you. It also does some things to people who don’t have cancer. It makes them lose hope of any justice in this world. It makes people move long distances. It can change your perspective on what’s really important in life. And in the case of one friend, it can literally make you research a cure. I’ve lost relatives. I’ve lost friends. I’m around folks who have lost relatives and friends. It binds us together across all boundaries. I guess that’s another thing cancer can do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

cancer made me sit in a hospital for 5 hours yesterday watching the news and playing scrabble with a man who is dying. his friends came and went, most of them ate his food.

drew only wants cupcakes. i kinda dont blame him.

when i left i lit a cigarette and thought about how bad that was, and at the same time i thought about how much i enjoyed it.

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