Saturday, November 26, 2005

11/24/05 No phone.

It's not been going well since I've been back. Besides the physical injuries of crushing a finger between a speaker and a wall, and raking the skin off one of my shins, Verizon doesn't want me to have a phone. That includes internet access, so I'm writing this entry with no way of posting it. Plus, I think my web site is down for some reason, and I'm also almost out of toilet paper. To top it off, I just hod two really fucked up dreams last night. One ended with me being shot at, and the other ended with a car crash. In the second, at one point, I was having heart trouble, and a doctor told me to take some aspirin. I took Tylenol instead because that's all I had, and I can't take aspirin because it may aggravate my colitis. So there I was, wondering if preventing a heart attack by taking aspirin was worth a possible colitis flare-up. There was also some mutilation in there somewhere. There's a lot more that I can't sort out in words, but images from these dreams will be imposing themselves on my mind for a while.

Still, there have been some good things. I saw Hank, and talked to Rory. There was back pay waiting for me at work. I found a camera I wanted for a very good price from KEH, which means there's a 14 day return period.

I keep asking coworkers what I missed while I was gone, and they all say I didn't miss anything. Then I slowly find out that someone got electrocuted. Someone fell off his motorcycle. Someone got fired. Someone's in the hospital. And then there's that baby issue. I can only conclude that all these events are so commonplace as to not warrant mention.


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