Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Twenty years.

I remember where I was exactly 20 years ago today. Well, not exactly 20 years to the day since I'm not sure how much time passed between when the Chernobyl disaster happened, and it was reported by the Soviets. But the night I found out, I went to see Youth Brigade at some Penn frat in west Philly. While drinking 40s on the porch of some house down the block with Cammy and Lara, a teacher from my school saw me and gave me a huge, perfectly rolled joint. I remember George and Andrew and maybe Jed and Greg were there too, along with the skate punks, both real and not, from my soon-to-be-ex school. It rained on and off throughout the evening, and I kept telling people it was radioactive rain. Anyway, that's where I was. Where were you?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

twenty years ago i was four. and more than likely sitting in "chipmunks" (ymca sponsored pre-school program) with my friends Beth H., and Bill A. beth had just given me "Parsnips" the rabbit at my mcdonalds birthday party. or maybe jonathan had just pushed me down the stairs.

see, the 80's sucked if you were a little kid. all you wanted to do was hang out with the big kids and be cool, but they were too busy going to youth brigade shows and getting high.


5:08 PM  
Blogger josh said...

Everyone was too young once.
Post some pictures on your thing.

3:44 AM  

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