Sunday, July 09, 2006

I thought the sound was crappy.

I crushed three of my fingers, and over extended my left knee. Somewhere in between, I mixed 15 bands. There's something perverted about paying money so your band can play in a contest of bands. You're going to have a hard time convincing me you are in a band for the "love of music" when you so clearly are trying, at financial expense, to have a bunch of industry C-listers tell you you're better than a bunch of other bands who are also trying to do the same thing. Still, it is close to the line. Paying to play in a festival is common and acceptable. And I don't have a problem with bands wanting to be successful. It's the paying of money to have people rank you. To quote one of my favorite book titles, "what's this got to do with music, anyway?" This revelation explains why I refuse to enter photography contests that have an entrance fee. A fine line.

I got attacked by a mosquito last night. I woke up with a swollen right index finger (since crushed), and a big red bump on my right knee. I'm allergic. I sat on my bed a 4am looking for it. I wanted to crush this mosquito, and see my blood come out of it. I have since been bitten on each elbow.

The 4th is always a solitary night for me. While everyone else barbecues and parties and blows things up, I'm thinking about a late friend, and searching for the perfect fireworks picture. I don't think I got it this year. I was late to the river, and couldn't see much. And I really could have used a 50mm. I'm thinking McCarren Park might be good next time. I'm only writing this part as a reminder for next year. And what about that "cracking down on illegal fireworks" crap? I've never heard such explosions.

I worked 20 hours on thursday. Haven't done that since the studio days. I was much younger then.


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