Friday, June 16, 2006


Couple of guys with ladders and a pick-up tore down the "Variety Health Food and Candy" sign from across the street last night, and guys with hammers continued to gut the old tire store today. The cashier at the grocery pointed to my yogurt, and told me it was "good for colon." Maria says I'm right about everything. I waited by the phone all day waiting for my health insurance administrator to call me back. She never called, and it really brought me down. Wasted the whole day. I just picked up the Ruin CD from the PO Box, and I'm already listening for a second time. Why do bands feel like they can, or should, improve things on a reissue by remixing the album? I want it to sound like it sounded when I first heard it in 1986. By the By is still my favorite. I have to go back out to the store because I forgot the main ingredient of dinner. I'll start the Ruin CD over while I get dressed.


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