Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I was sick the last week. I've been having trouble catching up with people. I've pleasantly ran into a couple of people unexpectedly. That sounds redundant. It's time to do laundry. Jed found Angela. If anyone wants to buy any camera gear, let me know before I start putting it on ebay.

Sorry, but my train of thought was just interrupted by hearing a Supertramp song as bumper music on Coast to Coast. I'm not a big Supertramp fan, but I've always thought this song had a really cool chord progression. Very obviously written on piano, I needed to look up some help from here:
I still think that G#maj7 in the chorus is wrong, but it's close. Anyway, it's songs like that that make me wish I could play piano. Too bad the words are so dumb.

And hey, when you leave me a voicemail that says, "I'm at the bar," could you add some info that would help narrow it down for me?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

guess what. im at the bar.


3:22 PM  
Blogger josh said...

That's like me saying, "hey, I'm on earth."

1:09 AM  

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