Saturday, June 24, 2006

More than 10% of the Dominican Republic has immigrated to the United States.

I watched a few World Cup matches with Momo while babysitting a video shoot this afternoon. I can't see how people in this country can't get into watching it. I'm sure it just comes down to it being hard to market without the possibility of commercial breaks, so it's just hard to find.
Late monday night, I found myself somewhere on Smith Street with George, semi-stranded after a night of watching him and a friend of his put away a lot of drink. After making a big mess in a diner, George ended up wearing a large slice of cheesecake, and chasing his friend into I-don't-know-where-land while brandishing a half-full trash bag borrowed from the curb. When we eventually hailed a cab, the driver looked nervously from his window as a man with cheesecake embedded in his beard approached. I said, "it's cake," and the driver said, "oh, okay."

I would like to thank Allison Glancey for contributing a wonderful screen print to my meager, but growing, art collection. She will be duly compensated as soon as I can find something worth mailing. And it was nice getting a few minutes with her after 20 years or so. It'd be fun if we could sit down some time.
And speaking of 20 years ago, what did we do before Google? (If you don't know what I mean, I'm not asking you.)
Does anyone like any of the pictures I put up here? That's the whole point of this blog. No, its not. I lied. But it's a part of it, so feel free to criticize.


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