Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Those baked cinnamon sugar pita chips are something else.

Ever been on the subway when some drunk guy is just yelling shit out at people and sorta free associating? That happened a few days ago, but this time I knew the guy. Really funny. He didn't even notice me a couple feet away.

Some guy named Darin stopped me on my way to work. He knew my name and everything. Knows me from that place I stopped doing sound a year ago. What the hell do I say to this guy? When are people going to stop expecting me to remember the 30,000 people I've done sound for? (I'm not exaggerating the 30,000.)

We should start sending kids into the page program specifically to hit on congressmen to see how many more take the bait. Then have a camera crew waiting for them like that Dateline show I keep hearing about.


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