Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wrapping up.

It's halloween, so no one came to the show tonight. That meant I got out early. I tried the parade, but it was a mess, and as hard to see as I remembered from the last one I went to ten years ago. I have to figure out a way to take some useful pictures of halloween. Should be an opportunity, not a nuisance.
So I went back to the club to see if anyone was still there. Todd was sitting inside the doorless doorway, with a beer in his hand, and a belligerent attitude like he was making a final stand, daring to be thrown out. Maybe he was just really tired, and who wouldn't be after the week these guys had moving whatever was left to a warehouse across the river. The last thing to go in the truck was the boss' desk, then Todd walked him home, then came back for one more. We spray painted our messages, and destroyed everything we couldn't carry, like we were preparing for our post to be overrun by the enemy. The fact that Josh was dressed as a girl, with shaved legs and short frilly skirt, made it a little surreal, but not at all inappropriate. They bowled a few frames, and Momo laughed, and BG and Ger just watched, powerless. Gabby directed traffic for the pictures outside, then Mo and Josh each took a lock, and closed up for the last official time. The weight of the moment showed on Mohammed's face like I'd never seen in all the time I'd known him. We gathered our stuff from the Gallery, and BG and Ger went upstairs to turn in the keys. When I left, the crew was still outside, with a case of leftover beer, feeling like they should go back in. I realized it belonged to someone else now, so I just turned and took one last walk from that exact spot, to the train home.


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