Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I worked about 80 hours in the last seven days. I don't think it's quite a record for me, but I was much younger in the days when I would work an 18 hour session at the studio, sleep on a couch in one of the control rooms, and wake up to work the next session in the morning. Hank Shocklee called me "night of the living Josh." Chuck thought that was hilarious. Sleeping in the studio took on a certain amount of risk after that Python got loose down there and didn't turn up for a few months. I kept waiting for the morning when I would wake up with a snake wrapped around me, no one able to hear my calls for help through the soundproofed walls.

But what was once going to be a three day recovery period is now turning out to be a bit shorter. Once I got sick, and came to terms with the random nature of chronic disease, I decided that I would work whenever I was healthy enough to do so. I guess I'm starting to realize that approach applies to more than just work. I'm healthy enough to do a lot of things.


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