Saturday, October 27, 2007

Photographic memory loss.

I took a picture a few weeks ago that stuck with me ever since. I knew what I had on film, and I liked it, and that's very rare.
This is the picture that was in my mind up until I developed the roll a few days ago.

When I looked at the film while it was hanging up to dry in my bathroom, I looked for the picture, and had some trouble finding it. That's because the picture really looked like this:

Not the same thing. All I was focused on was getting the couple in the right spot. I didn't have time to get closer or change lenses. I guess I cropped it in my brain. I was kinda shocked. How did that false memory happen?


Anonymous Marc said...

It's so true (there are a few good songs on that album, but Thriller's not one of them).

11:31 PM  

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