Thursday, December 13, 2007

I was right.

At least I finally got to see Andrea.

There's a song I want to make a movie for. I want to write, direct, produce a movie just so I can put this song on the soundtrack. I want a scene where a character in the film puts this record on, and just sits there and listens. Maybe this person is sad. Crying a little. The song makes this person cry a little harder, but in a better, cathartic way. By the end of this song, we're no longer watching this person. The camera has moved on the something else. Something showing progress in this character's life, or just moving on as if nothing happened, because that's what most of us do. You really don't know who's been unbelievably sad the day before when you are staring at people at the bar or on the subway. Usually they just move on.


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