Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just who are you texting anyway?

When people ask me how to get upstairs, it puzzles me. If I was in a building I've never been to before, and it's a night club, and I wanted to get to the balcony, I would just start looking for something that I like to call "stairs." It's a device that helps humans get to higher or lower elevations. But no. People are lazy. People have no sense of adventure whatsoever. They immediately ask for help rather than try to figure out the problem on their own. Last night, I pointed to the door that led to the stairs, and the guy returned and asked if I indeed meant the door that said "exit." He didn't believe me. He thought passing through that door would mean he would immediately be outside the club. Had he never been out in public before? Never noticed buildings had lighted exit signs over every doorway that would help you escape a fire? And do people not notice the first thing you see when you enter the club is a set a stairs leading up? Tonight I was up at the balcony bar when someone asked the bartender where the bathrooms were. The reply was that they are in the basement. The woman then responded, "how do you get there?" It's the same problem on the surface, but the bartender pointed out to me that the woman got up to the balcony somehow, so clearly knew where the stairs were. She just didn't want to think. Oh, and I'd like to point out that there are three different sets of stairs from the basement to the balcony. It's hard to actually avoid stairs in that place.


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