Saturday, January 22, 2005

“There’s my jacket.”

How come most people get into a mean, obnoxious, messy, stupid or annoying state when really really extra drunk, but Andrea gets even more adorable than usual?
I’ve felt a little sick to my stomach ever since last night’s game of “Who’s A Junky This Week?”
I just ate a bunch of pizza to test the old theory of whether or not eating pizza before bed gives you nightmares.
WNYC is playing Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony on the friday night all request overnight show. I want to call and ask them to play “A Fifth of Beethoven” next. Who did that song?
I have to be back at work in 28 hours. That’s my weekend.
Tonight’s cab ride home made me feel better. There was a passenger sitting next to me in the cab who’s hair looked especially messy. I liked it a bunch, but it caused me to forgot to ask her about the dealer sitting at her bar tonight. Maybe I’m just sick of talking about it. Just sick of talking.


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