Thursday, March 10, 2005

Today, and some things I learned.

Hilly sounded good on the radio. Mentioned the art opening. People actually seemed to like my pictures. Not just people who know me. Apparently, I sold one. Megan works her ass off. I left her a small gift. Lydiaemily is sweet. Godlis is a really nice guy, and can take a damn good picture. (Though I don’t know how he knew who I was.) Billy Name is a good sport. (Pierre joked, “hey, you were great in ZZ Top!”) A very nice woman interviewed me, but I would have liked to hear more about her September 11th volunteer experience. Dear friend Burton quit smoking, and got to meet my mom. Kristen was a calming presence, and got to meet my mom. Arwen found a brother, but almost lost another to a motorcycle accident. I’m hearing new rumors about CBGB from LA. C. Gibbs is quite an entertainer, and has a large circle of talented and friendly band members. I’m a little worried about K. Since I quit drinkin’, I can get home after a long day and night of bars and stars and guitars, and feel up for anything.
Good night.


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