Tuesday, June 07, 2005


That sounds like a good ol’ time, Becca. I was probably three years old, and I knew something bad was happening. There’s also that feeling of being in a car that was made 35 years ago. The damp and cold get through to you when it’s raining. A romantic feeling that is gone with todays well-sealed vehicles. Romantic to me, anyway.
You found that bag with some junky’s shit? Sean showed me that bag on saturday. Thought he would have trashed it. Or would have at least put a warning sign on it so no one would get stuck.
It was fun staying up with you last night. Maybe we could do it in the same room one of these days.
(I just talked to you, but I’m posting it anyway.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that would be rad. i just called my mom. all that talk about moms left me compelled to make sure shes doing alright. shes busy at work.

eh. ill talk to her later.

the dudes are outside my window. im gonna take a picture for ya.

2:33 PM  
Anonymous another anonymous said...

wandering aimlessly, is your mom's name Linda by any chance?

12:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well dear, yr mom is not alone in her thoughts on my current situation. my own mother suggested something similar. leah suggested something similar as well. im meeting with my friends lawyer tomorrow.

and to make today even worse, as i was getting out of a cab today, my cellphone fell out of my lap and into a sewer. so, i ahve to go get another one tomorrow.

and josh, i really appreciated yr support on the phone today. thank you.
you have a very soothing voice and kind words.

1:27 AM  
Blogger josh said...

I just called you. You don’t have a phone. There are so many other ways to contact you, I don’t know what to use. Find a phone and call me. Maybe I’ll email.

My mom’s name is not Linda.

1:50 AM  

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