Saturday, June 25, 2005


The Supreme court made a ruling last week that I thought was kinda interesting. A black man sentenced to death in Texas was able to get a new trial because the court ruled that the selection of his jury was racially biased. Now I agree that if the prosecutors conspired to stack to jury with whites, then he should get a new trial. You cannot legally exclude a potential juror solely on the basis of skin color, and that’s the way it should be. But what I find interesting, and a bit scary, is the court seems to be saying that if you presented the same case to two different juries, you can reach two different verdicts. I think we all knew deep down inside that it’s an imperfect system, but it’s kinda nice to hear the top judges in the land say it out loud.

The new landlords are buying tenants out of their leases. According to my super, there’s already about ten empty apartments. They haven’t made me an offer yet, which is a little strange, but I can’t imagine it being large enough to make me move. There’s no way I can find rent this cheap anywhere else in this city. The part that bothers me is wondering what will happen if I say no. I don’t trust landlords as a whole, and figure they’ll try to get me out some other way. Better start saving up. But what’s after this place?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

if i open a new browser window, and just type yr name, i get yr blog page. arent computers amazing?

also, if i respond on yr blog, you call me. hows that for telepathy?

i didnt kill anyone. i think i told you half the story, or most of it. i still just feel bad, ya know?

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