Sunday, September 04, 2005

Map making.

I don’t work fridays now. To celebrate, I spent my first friday off sitting here listening to the radio. The news from the Gulf coast just kept pouring in. Relentless. Practically froze me in my tracks. Today, I had to take a nap. Felt sluggish. I think I’m experiencing typical signs of depression.
Spent a little time speaking with someone who made it out of New Orleans right before the storm hit. Looked surprisingly good for someone who hasn’t slept in a week. Even she admits it probably hasn’t all hit her yet. Lost everything except the clothes she was wearing, and whatever was in her handbag. Doesn’t expect to ever see anything she left behind in her ground floor apartment. She’s an artist. A painter. Scary to think she’s one of the lucky ones.
Please don’t just shrug it off. The news will soon move on to some trivial distraction, but refugees will slowly make their way all over the country, right into your back yard. Be ready with open arms. Make them all feel like the lucky ones.


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