Monday, October 03, 2005

Running out.

Sometimes it takes all my energy to stop myself from smashing the glass doors at my post office. I was there on thursday, and there were signs and balloons touting the new expanded post office hours. I thought that, finally, the worst branch in the city is getting fixed. Lobby hours on weekdays 6am-7pm. Fantastic! Getting out a bit late to pick up a package? No problem now. Get home at sunrise and want to check my box? Open and ready. So today, I get there a little after 5pm, and there's a guy outside sending people away. The signs were gone or covered over. Was this some sick joke? The employee outside charged with facing angry locals couldn't speak english too well, so he couldn't answer my questions, all starting with the word "why."
"But there were balloons!"
I am running out of energy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am running out of energy too.

i sent you another one today. and for once, its not a photograph.


1:37 PM  

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