Saturday, November 26, 2005

11/25/05 Still no phone.

Thanksgiving is becoming more and more disorganized. Or maybe that's less and less organized. Either way, everyone's timing was off. Still, the sweet potato pie was good.

I'm hoping I'll get my phone service back tomorrow. This is not a good time to not have a phone. I have a lot of free time until I'm back on the work schedule, and contact with the outside world shouldn't be this limited. I still have a list of people that need to be called. The list is right here, on my desk.

There are around ten kids across the street making a lot of noise. Amped up about/on something. There slowly moving along. If they move any slower, I might throw a smoke bomb at them. Oh yeah, I got smoke in Tennessee. Don't know why. Seemed like a good idea at the time. I think we picked a town to spend the night based on the fact that it had a big fireworks store that was open in the middle of the night.

I fixed that stupid fucking magnetic lock on the door to my building. And by fixed, I mean rigged with cardboard and duct tape so it doesn't lock at all.


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