Sunday, July 16, 2006


Have I lost my mind? Okay, so lately I've been obsessed with guitar-building. I forgot all about wanting to be a luthier when I was a kid, and suddenly, after coming into possession of a guitar that needed a lot of help, it's all come back to me. I have assembled a living room floor full of guitar pieces. I have researched schools. I have come up with a guitar design, and have even made a computer representation of it. I have worked out a materials list, source list, and build-cost per unit. I have the electronics all thought out. I even have a company name. This kind of random tangent is what the opportunity of time brings. I need to make a list of things to do tomorrow that don't involve guitars.

I also started looking up luthiers because I was thinking about an apprenticeship. In the process, I learned that my old guitar guy in Philly died of leukemia a few years ago. I hate leukemia.


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