Tuesday, November 14, 2006


A 14 hour work day. I don't know what I can write. I have nothing ready for the show. I need to find time to go to Sara's family home to take pictures before it's all gone. I seem to be taking pictures of that kind of situation lately. Dana wants to use some stuff for album artwork. I still say album and record when it's really all CDs. I bought another Epson. I can't believe I bought another Epson. It, of course, makes a big gash in the kind of paper I like. I'm not sending it back because I know the replacement I get will just have something else wrong with it. I got around the problem by fooling it into thinking I'm using roll paper, and using the roll paper path. It's way past time for bed. I can't believe how packed Beauty Bar was. Becca gave me a Kinder Egg. The guy next to me at the bar didn't know what it was. I don't think he believed me. Then I went to Zach's birthday-in-a-bar. Much of the old gang was there. Toothache.


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