Sunday, November 26, 2006


I was going to write a list of things I am thankful for, but then I got all superstitious and relized I kept having to write "knock on wood" after each item. So let's just say things could be worse. What could be better? I could have heat and hot water at the same time. I could have some free time to see some friends. I could have some free time to walk around and take pictures. It's getting cold, which is good for walking around and taking pictures. The streets seem quieter. Steam seeps out of the cracks. Less people in my way. Pedestrians more focused on how fucking cold it is than that guy standing there with a camera whose waiting, wondering.

I slept 12 hours in my childhood bed. I had one long, convoluted dream. Maybe it was the turkey. Maybe I was just tired.

I've been writing this entry for days, and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. But I was just thinking about the boxes in my kitchen. One is from the printer I just bought. The other is the box that Amazon thought they should put the printer box in, along with those inflated plastic bags in segmented strips used for padding. Which reminds me, how come Amazon can ship a giant 40lb box to my P O box (for free), yet Apple can't mail me a few mini photo books in an envelope? They have to use FedEx for that crap? Anyway, the boxes are a sign of shutdown mode. That means I have a very specific, time sensitive task to complete, and everything else can go to hell. It's on purpose, by design, and mimics the body's shock response, or coma. Okay, I just came up with that hypothesis, but that's what happens when you just start writing (Thank you Nancy Van Laan) and you inadvertently end up learning a lot about human behavior. Or at least your own.

So I dropped off the two lith prints for the GOBE show, and a very nice woman, whose name I sadly forget, let me in and saw me out. David was probably asleep, and it didn't seem worth it to check. The Congregation show goes up tomorrow, and I should really get some sleep since I should be there in eight hours. At least I got the work done. I actually didn't look at everything all together, so when I unpack the 13 or 14 prints for that show at the gallery, it will be new to me too. Keeps life interesting. Then maybe soon I can get out of this coma. I have a list of proper nouns I need to get to.


Anonymous Laura Montanari said...

Hi Josh, this is Laura, Moira's daughter. I happened to look you up online and i really enjoy your work. Well wanted to show some support, happy to see we have another photographer in the family. E-mail me sometime i would really enjoy asking you a couple questions about your work. hope to hear from you soon.

10:14 PM  

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