Sunday, April 29, 2007

Nothing left.

The heat's on. Been on full blast all day and night. The hot water was out yesterday. The boiler guy fixed it, and somehow turned the heat on in the process. It's really hot in here. I can't wait until they fill up this building with a bunch of rich spoiled hipsters that are gonna call the landlord around the clock about every little thing that I've just shrugged my shoulders at. I have a feeling I've said that already.

So let's say you weigh 1200 pounds. You haven't been able to get out of bed in five years. How is it that you are able to maintain that weight? You obviously can't get food for yourself. You can't order delivery because you would need to earn a living to pay for it. Someone, or a team of someones, is bringing this guy food around the clock. Is this a good idea? You'd think that gaining so much weight that you can't function in society would be a diet in itself. Just stop giving this guy so much food!


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