Thursday, March 15, 2007

Where did all this stuff come from?

I'm not one for entertaining. Anyone who's seen my apartment knows that. But where did all this stuff come from? I clean out a room one day, and the next, there's a pile of random, unrelated items in the middle of the floor. Boots, bubble wrap, a tripod, a backpack full of framed prints, a book, a plastic bag. How about my couch? Four cameras, a horsehair brush, a book, negative pages, jacket liner, pillow, scarf, three plastic bags, assorted art that people mail me. My desk is just a pile of paper with a calculator in there somewhere. And a passport application. There's a camera under there too. Oh, and a new focusing screen. Bought that today. Just put it in a 30 year old camera. Seems to help. It came with tweezers designed for changing focusing screens. Just found a box cutter on my desk.

It's easy to not do things. It's easy for me to not do things. It's easy for me to not smoke. To not drink. Not do drugs. Not drink coffee. Not scratch that itch. Do my taxes. Clean up this mess. Call you. Tons of acts I can easily not do. Easy. Easy way out. Loser.

The guy on the radio is putting the pieces together. China pretty much owns the USA. They wanted to dump the trillion US dollars they have lying around, making the dollar fairly worthless. China gets its oil from Iran. We went over to China and said that if they dump the dollar,we'll take out their oil supply. One plus one ...


Anonymous becca said...

at least yr not painting war make-up on yr face and letting metalheads piss on yr floor.

those are good things not to do.

4:37 PM  

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