Thursday, February 08, 2007

Day of meetings.

I had work dreams last night, and maybe the night before. Work dreams are, almost by definition, nightmares.

NASA is going to look into changing the way they screen astronauts. I don't think what this woman did sullies the name of NASA, but rather makes the whole astronaut breed more human. Although maybe superhuman is more apt for a woman who wore adult diapers to avoid pit stops on a thousand mile road trip. And what fun is a road trip without truck stops? Anyway, maybe this black mark on NASA will bring us one step closer to eliminating the space program altogether. It wouldn't be too difficult to find better uses for all the money. Uses that may actually help humanity rather than sate the boyhood fantasies of scientists whose minds could also be put to better use.

Welcome back to your journal, Becca. And what a comeback it was.


Anonymous becca said...

i sent you something else.

and i just called you.

7:30 PM  

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