Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hey look. It's cold. Didn't see that coming.

I need some of that expanding foam spray. To fill in the cracks. Keep out the cold. If all the intangable aspects of my life were put on display, could that magical expanding foam be used, and would it really fill in all the voids? What would it fill them in with? It might just trap whatever's there (air?) in place to prevent seepage. I like that word. Seepage. My life would seep out all over New York. Maybe that's what the mysterious odor was over Manhattan and across the Hudson today. I didn't leave my neighborhood, and things smelled normal and cold over here. Must have been someone else's life.

I like when I take that stereotypical photograph. The one where you see it happening before you, and you think about how many times it's been taken in the past, by so many different kinds of people, for almost as many reasons, and you wonder if you could do it too, just to see.


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