Friday, December 01, 2006

Thank you all for coming out.

I got there a little before seven, and soon left to go find proper lighting. Got back in time to meet up with Arwen, and decided to join her for Thai food. (Very good Thai food. Wish I remembered the name of that place.) She walked me back, and we said goodbye, watching the party from across the street. Friends started to join us at our location of safe distance, and I didn't see the point of going back. I've never been much for parties, and when you add in the pretense of "Art Opening," it just causes frustration; all those people get in the way of the art. We talked for a while, then everyone went their separate ways, and I ducked in to see if any of my pictures got stolen. On my way out, a trumpeter and tubaist were making a joyous noise on the first floor. A total of about ten minutes inside for me. The only place I've ever seen Alex is at art openings, and that's usually the best part.

I skipped the after-party, and met up with the CB's crew, eventually going back to Drew and Jane's. I figured there'd be more picture opportunities with those guys, not to mention laughs, and I was probably right. Drew gave me a painting, and my art collection grows. A very shaky Bobby and I closed a few bars, and I had the privilege of sharing a cab with Meday, like the old days, but with less depressing things to talk about.

Seems most of my former coworkers have come out of the depths with better, more lucrative jobs. Except Young Josh. We must have raised him all wrong. At least he's getting unemployment.

It's the 6th anniversary of the day we lost Jenn, but it seems like decades. So much has happened. She missed so much. She's missed so much. Every day.


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