Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Streamlining. Why are all these cameras in here? Let's try to pick a few to use, and put the others somewhere else. How about less printers in here as well. Anyone need a printer? How about a cheap, plastic CD rack? The guy who said he wanted it last fall obviously isn't coming to get it. When I put it all in the trash, I'll let you know so you can go picking. The heat is finally on high. I'm not sure how I spent this day off. I found two cameras I haven't used in a while had film in them. No more tchotchkes (I looked it up). They just collect dust, and make it hard to clean. I got the 2000 book down to around 120 pictures. Lunar new year coming up. I'm thinking of lining my hallway with cameras hanging from high up near the ceiling. This writing nonsense is, as usual, an excuse to post an unrelated picture.


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