Friday, February 16, 2007

Hermetically sealed.

I opened my apartment door to venture out for food, and found my hallway filled with some sort of fog. It was actually the view through a sheet of plastic duct-taped around my doorway. I burst through the barrier like George Reeves through a fake wall, and a few floors down I found the reason. They're breaking down the walls in the stairway to the bricks. Now it will be an exposed brick stairway. It looks kinda nice, if not overly trendy and incongruent with the neighborhood. What was surprising was how much quieter the brick area was. No more echoing footsteps announcing my return home.

I was going back to the greenroom last night with one of the managers, and he stopped and turned back because he saw someone was changing in there. I didn't stop because it looked to me like it was the guy who just spent two hours on stage in his underwear was changing his shirt with a dozen other men and women in the room. Then I realized this manager is gay, and maybe you have to be a little more conscientious about things like wether that guy would have a problem changing with a gay man in the room.

I'm just not into this winter. The long awaited first snow was just annoying. Now it's just cold and hard to walk. I can't remember not liking winter this much. I'm not going anywhere. I'm not taking pictures. I'm just waiting until I can walk around outside without thinking about how cold it is, and how I don't want to fall down. Maybe it's that I walk one whole block from the train to work, and it's a really boring block. I don't even have to cross a street. Looking at pictures from my past (as opposed to pictures from my future?) I realize it helps to be somewhere unfamiliar in order to see what's around you. I'm wearing a rut in the path from home to work each day, and carving it fast to keep warm. This city is capable of looking new with each unexplored neighborhood stumbled upon. I know I haven't been here long enough to have exhausted New York City's opportunities. It just seems really cold right now.


Anonymous becca said...

old pictures make me feel a lot better today. this time, it wasnt a mild form of depression.

i lost my phone. i have a back up number. hit me with yrs via some form of email, and ill call ya with it. jeez.

4:38 AM  

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