Friday, November 02, 2007


I got dragged to a Halloween party last night. It actually doesn't take much to drag me somewhere these days. It's hard to find new things between work and home. So after work, I went to this party. It was in a warehouse space in that area that I'm never sure is Williamsburg or Greenpoint. There were security guards in sharp looking suits, and they weren't letting people in because they were at capacity. One of the bartenders was waiting outside to get us in. I can't remember what she was dressed as. Once past the girl who put a wristband on my wrist, I don't know what she was dressed as either, I found myself in a room with two-story-high ceilings where there was a large skull-shaped piñata being beaten by costumed, dancing partiers. The skull was backlit, and, along with all the smoke in the air, it all looked like a movie version of some mind altering party where the protagonist is led to some magical place he's never seen before, and possibly ends up encountering his first "drug experience," signaling the beginning of his downfall, and the reason for the film. This thought was actually going through my mind at that moment, and I looked on in detached amusement. The guy that took me there handed me a red drink, and disappeared. I handed the red drink to his friend who then had two red drinks. A glowing, neon green beachball bounced off my head. We tried to get somewhere in the crowd. I really couldn't find anywhere to go. I thought he said, "I wonder if that's Van Halen?" What he actually said was, "I wonder what we're inhaling?" That seemed like a good time to leave, and once outside, I felt like I'd just smoked a pack of Camels.


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