Wednesday, December 19, 2007


The worst part about a bar fight with some asshole is that you can't really win. You know you're right, but he'll never see it that way. Even if you beat him unconscious, he's not going to wake up and say, "ah yes, I see your point now." But this guy wouldn't leave. He just had to keep coming back and antagonizing one of the women I was sitting with, even after she clearly did not want to interact with him. Once her boyfriend returned, and heard the word "bitch" come out of this guys mouth, things quickly progressed to a "let's go outside" solution. Mark got up and followed, as did I, but first I put on my hat and coat. I figured it was really cold out there, and maybe warmth would give me an advantage. Dee thought this part was hilarious, and I think she's right. Things never got past the front door, and the guy left wondering out loud why everyone wanted to start a fight that night. This is the same guy who we watched start a fight with another guy over a pool game. "I'll end you," he kept saying. But no, it's not him. It's everyone else, right? I'm sure he continued on to the next bar he would cause trouble, muttering, no, loudly exclaiming his feelings about how the neighborhood's changed. Can't beat a guy like this, and in a way, I'm jealous. To go through life that blind and ignorant may be really easy. Never any questioning of your own path or values. Tremendous self confidence. A man who can't lose. A winner, in fact. Can't beat a guy like him.


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huzzah! love this post, josh. i always say, 'what i wouldn't give for an iota of that self-confidence,' but i have to believe that they wake up one day, reeling in emotional pain as they realize: they are jeeerks.

miss you, and wishing you all the best in 2008!

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