Monday, January 07, 2008

Where's that list?

I now know four women in New York City named Gina. The debates are really boring and frustrating at the same time. Had to turn it off tonight. I now know three woman in New York City who own pickup trucks. I can't use the internet because I've been uploading files to a website for hours, and it put a stop to everything else. I now look at time in terms of when my next obligation is. For example, last night, after work, while deciding something to do, I explained I go out because I didn't have to be anywhere until tuesday at 11am. Could have potentially stayed out until then, but no one else could, so I ended up going home. I'm never happy with datebooks, and I always have to live with an inadequate one for a whole year. I know every January I probably say something about how glad I am about the past year being over since it was so bad, but this past year really was fucked up. But it seems to have caused a major shift in attitude, so let's just look ahead instead. To you. All of you. Let's talk soon. In person, okay? I'll have a camera, and I probably won't go directly home after we casually promise to see each other at a later, undetermined time and place. I have work to do.


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